Saturday, August 4, 2012


It's funny to be labeled, but it's even funnier to be self-labeled - and I chose the second solution. I wrote on some FB post that I was a "leftist's leftist,2 first as a midly provocative joke, then I realized how much that was connected with being a "writer's writer." Synchronicitically enough, the venerable radical underground paper International Times asked me for a small piece on this sntence, which was published on its site. Looking back, two weeks later, I feel very proud of being categorized - or rather categorizing myself - as a "radical" writer - not because of the romantic delusion of the upcoming revolution - there will be one, of course, but I will probably have nothing to do with it - but because I suddenly realize how much "Committed Literature" or "Littérature Engagée" has disappeared from the shelves since the Berlin Wall has fallen. A few movie directors still, but that's basically it. At least in the Euramarican world we're living in. So I am proud of the label. Very, very proud.

Here are the links to the piece and to an excerpt of "The Song of Synth," my very radical novel published by PS Publishing in the UK, along with "Asinth" - I put the link too, so you can read what they're about and feel very radical too:

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