Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I am not a patient man. Not at all. And yet. If I had known, when I began working on the Trilogy in 1991 that it would take two Gulf wars, 9/11, a global economic crisis and a few royal weddings for this novel to be published, I might have never written it... Looking back at the genesis of this book, at my anger and rage I felt at our media-addicted democratures when the whole Bush/Saddam madness began, at my disgust towards the use of "moral values" to defend global exploitation, at my amazement that winning at the Lottery had become the only way for climbing up the social ladder, I realize that not much has changed since then. I had written this novel in a revolutionary perspective, as an act of rebellion against the comfort of thinking - left and right - and the general "freedom" lie. I would still write it exactly the same way today, not changing a single word of it. Like I said, I am not a patient man. But one has to accept that change can come slow. Too slow? Never -never too slow, as long as it comes. This novel believes in change. Big changes. Radical changes. Like becoming a dog, a fish and a bird. Yeah, like I said - radical.

If you believe in changes too and are as impatient as I am, you can pre-order the book at Black Coffee Press through this link -or wait until it is available, if you're as patient as Buddha:

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  1. ThingS are, unfortunately, more Babylonian than ever before.....A perfect time to entire this glorious abyss!