Thursday, December 15, 2016


This false common responsibility, which I see flourishing everywhere, disgusts me. It is the supreme “I feel for you” con. Indignation is a permanent state for me, it did not start at Aleppo, Srebrenica or elsewhere. I am, like you, like most, completely powerless. But not guilty. I am not the one who should wring my hands, sign useless petitions, self-flagellate myself. The next time you go vote, think about Aleppo and those you’re about to elect. Think of Spain in 36, about Sarajevo, about the Kurds who fight in the front line to protect you and are massacred by Erdogan. Think about what horrors and treasons your vote will allow on your behalf. Think about the weight that your just indignation weighs on the government you have or will put in place. Think about it and tell me where the real responsibility lies.

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