Friday, March 11, 2016


It is striking today to see how paradoxical the word "Freedom" has become in Western society. If the "freedom" of the markets is a positive things, the "Freedom" of the citizens is suspicious, and has to be constantly monitored and even temporarily (?) restricted. Products may move freely across borders, but not all citizens. What's more, the privileges of the super wealthy become the symbols of the first notion, while social racism and xenophobia are systematically attached to the second. Freedom has thus become (like democracy) a concept that can be read two different ways (at least) at the same time: one positive and official, one negative and threatening. We are moving more and more towards a Chinese model, as it is today, with a free for all (and corrupt) economy supported by a single Party relying on its propaganda tools. The dream of the crazy US Republicans today or of the Bruxelles ultra-liberal eggheads is indeed of a single-coloured society, with limited individual rights, in the name of a supreme good, the "Market", to which all must be sacrificed. A Chinese dream indeed - very far away from poor Adam Smith's ideals.

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