Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am at the present reading a very strange book which, to my surprise, contains certain elements that I have used in my novel, The Song of Synth. These elements are crucial, because they offer a "scientific" explanation to a central aspect of my story - an aspect I have consciously decided not to explain in my fiction. I could have been bummed by this - thinking, "Oh no, now people are going to think that I have been influenced by..." - but, on the contrary, I found this quite fantastic. The dreams of individuals become other people's fictions. And this is what fiction is all about, in the end: the place of unreality, where things become "real" - in a fictional way. The Multiverse.


The book is "True Hallucinations", by Terence McKenna. Crazy hippie shit - and yet.


New research has proven that drug-induced hallucinations area actually "seen" by the eyes and the brain. They should therefore be called "visions" - and Rimbaud, once again, was right.


It's been a while since I've smoked any hashish or weed. I think it shows.

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